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Basketball Legends ; Basketball Legends is the best game of legends series idnet. Play Basketball Legend with NBA players and score more than schoolmates. First, reinforce the rules of the game by playing a few games. Learn the power and capacity of your opponents and their techniques. Learn also Y8 basketball legends shoot, rebound, assist, steal and block parameters that can be used widely during matches like NBA legends. Determine the NBA's greatest players of all time to choose your character. The game will start with a jump ball. Two legends players try taking ball while dropping. You should be more careful while dribbling the ball to prevent your opponent from stealing the ball. This will give you an advantage. Basketball is a team sport so you think your teammate while playing this game like Superstar Lebron James especially in 2 on 2 matches. Focus on two-point: ball and your opponent. keep your eyes bouncing the ball from backboard and rim. The rule is simple to score points: "Drive" and "Shoot" like legendary Michael Jordan. Legends list appears among best players of all time in NBA. and other great leagues. Choose one of them on the game screen. You can select LOCAL SAVE if you play this basketball game from your computer. Otherwise, you should choose ONLINE SAVE". You must create an account for an online option. You will encounter three option in local save page. These are 2 players, 1 player and a quick match in these options. In case, choosing a "1 player" match, you will face other options like RANDOM, TOURNAMENT, TRAINING. You can arrange a number of players as one on one or two on two. "W, S, A, D" keys will be used in Attack during matches. You will also use the "V" key for a super shot and "B" key for action. For defense, you will use "Arrow Keys". To super shot use the "K" key in defense. The well known NBA players can be defined Shaquille O’Neal, Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, and Kevin Garnett in NBA history by kids. Your response is important during the game. If you want you can play Basketball Legends game full screen.

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